By popular request, we bring you this 'build your own' Kindness and Diversity Storybox. Check back regularly as titles will continually change. 


We all want our little ones to be kind, and seeing a diverse range of characters in their books from a young age is fundamental to their learning and understanding of the world around them. 

Kindness & Diversity Storybox

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  • Choose 3 titles from the below to diversify your little ones bookshelf:


    I like to be Kind - With helpful expert advice, this interactive book will help your little one understand why being kind matters. The are practical tips and activities to help too. 


    Let's Go on a Train - "Let’s go on a steam train and choo-choo through the land. We wait down at the station where we hold each other’s hand." Fun and engaging featuring multi-cultural characters, perfect for toddlers and early learners as they begin the years of discovery


    How do you say Goodnight? - Snuggle up and learn how to say "good night" in ten different languages with this heartwarming bedtime board book! From Mexico, Vietnam, Kenya, and beyond, this charming board book teaches little ones how to say "good night" in ten different languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, and Korean!


    Let's Go on a Rocket - Let’s go on a rocket, Up high into space, Where I can see the planets, And the moon’s big smiley face! Fun and engaging, perfect for toddlers and early learners as they begin the years of discovery.


    Let's Go on a Tractor - Let’s go on a tractor All around the farm Past the duck pond, through the fieldsBehind the big red barn.


    We Are Music - It starts with clapping, tapping, and drums, and from there the music moves in many different directions. From classical to blues to jazz to country to rock to punk to rap to hip hop, there is one important thread that weaves through every song that has ever been created for us.




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