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About ZaZa's Storybox

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Hey, I’m Danni!


… And I’m passionate about helping more families discover the joy of reading with their babies and toddlers!


Hailing from Hampshire, I’m a mum to two gorgeous little ones, Zara (Zaza’s Storybox’ namesake!) and Ashton.


Reading has been such a huge part of my own parenting journey and it’s my mission to deliver the bonding and connection that comes with reading as a family, to your home.

ZaZa’s Storybox is on a mission to help families around the UK build the perfect first library for their little ones, so that children are stimulated, engaged, and inspired, and develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

We introduced reading as a daily activity from the day we brought Zara, our eldest, home from the hospital. 


Studies show that reading with your children can supercharge their vocabulary and development (one study in 1995 found that children who had been read to from ages 0-3 had encountered over 30 million more words than those who hadn’t). 


But more than that, it’s an activity that brings a sense of calm to the craziness that is parenting.


It was always a pillar in our day. Time to connect, engage with our little one’s creativity and imagination and anchor in a relaxed and focussed energy. Regulating their little bodies as they nestle into ours, nurturing vocal familiarity and use of language, letting their imaginations run wild with exciting stories of adventure and comforting tales of kinship.

Reading with your child is more than just a part of bedtime. It’s a bonding experience, it’s nurturing their imagination and building core memories and traditions that they’ll pass on to their children.


Sure, screen time can work in the moment as a quick fix when you need to get things done or to calm a big feeling moment. But when I heard that this contributed to the number of toddlers being read to dropping by a fifth in just five years, and that only 1 in 11 family homes had books for their children, I made it my mission to be a force for change. 

Our Values


Creating a curiosity of books from day one.  Excitement and discovery awaits to inspire a lifetime love of reading.


Making reading a special time together nurturing the natural desire to learn with unconditional love.


Bringing interactive story time to young families homes to stimulate a love of books through play. 

Very shortly after Zaza’s Storybox was launched (we’re talking 6 weeks after), baby Ashton was welcomed to our family and this further solidified how important books were becoming to our experience as parents and as a family.


Seeing Zara read to her baby brother with such enthusiasm melted my heart. She finds so much joy in engaging with him in this way and it’s such a special moment in their day to bond as brother as sister.


Since launching, Zaza’s Storybox has gone on to be:


🏆 Made For Mums 2021 Winner

👍🏼 Recommended by The Independent, IndyBest, Mumernity and Muddy Stilettos

📺 Featured on This Morning

ZaZa’s Storybox was born to bring books into young families’ homes, and help parents and caregivers around the UK bond with their babies and toddlers through reading.

An increase in screen time has contributed to early childhood reading dropping by a fifth in just five years.


This is having a knock on effect once children reach school age, as studies show that by reading to your children from birth increases their exposure to new words by up to 30 million!


Why should we encourage books so early?


Books are so important in the early years - it is when the majority of brain development happens and research has proven that reading is the perfect opportunity to give our little ones the best start in life.


Reading is about snuggling up with someone you love, listening to the familiar sounds of a voice, feeling the warmth of their arms around you, admiring pretty pictures, enjoying a rhyme, igniting imaginations, listening to new words, inspiring play, counting together, singing songs, and creating childhood memories.


The list goes on… There is so much to get out of reading a book together! Reading helps to… 


  1. Stimulate your child’s imagination and expand their understanding of the world.

  2. Nurture your bond and create childhood memories to last a lifetime.

  3. Develop their language and listening skills setting the foundations for their development.

  4. Encourage book inspired play, improve fine motor skills, encourage story-telling, and more!


Here’s what our nationwide family of bookworms have to say:


“This is the best subscription!”


“This is the best subscription we have signed up to! We love the selection of books that are delivered each month along with toys that are based on the same topic as the books. The books are tailored to your child’s age and I love that they are hardback so it is very hard for little heavy handed fingers to break them! This is the best delivery you will receive!”




“I am delighted I found Zaza books for Jake and Oscar”


“I am delighted I found Zaza books for my grandson’s first birthday, which was a gift for a whole year. He is now approaching 2 years, so have just received his final book box.


Every box has contained amazing interactive books and toys, and he and his mum created a special opening time together. Jake recognised the packing, and got excited each time, which just shows what he thought of them. We did have one issue, when a box didn’t arrive, but this will be quickly replaced, after a quick correspondence by email.


I loved the boxes so much that I got them for Jake’s cousin, my other grandson, Oscar, and he loves them just as much.”




“An excellent experience.”


“We have been receiving Zaza's Storyboxes since my son was a few months old. He is now two years old and loves books, which has definitely been encouraged by the wonderful storyboxes. Each month we have all enjoyed the books which are organised by theme. The books are high quality, inclusive and developmentally appropriate. The toys/puzzles included are a nice addition.”



Are you ready to join our bookworms and bring a world of imaginative exploration and engagement into your family’s routine?

Expand your child’s vocabulary and listening skills, their worldly understanding, their creativity and their fine motor skills by introducing this simple and joyful activity into your day.


Join Zaza’s Storybox today for just £19.99/mth and unlock your new favourite monthly ritual. 


You’ll be able to unbox  two age and stage appropriate books, an engaging, themed toy to enrich their imagination, as well as reading tips to aid your experience…every month!

Let's Collaborate?

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As well as being an award-winning product that has been featured across different UK media channels, ZaZa’s Storybox is beloved by many and has done collaborations with other early years brands, authors, publishers, and influencers.


Explore our Media Kit, or get in touch to discuss your collaboration or event.

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