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After the arrival of her daughter, Zara (or ZaZa to her special little friends), Danni dedicated herself to being a full-time Mummy.  At just over one year old Zara started pushing books over to Mummy and Daddy to be read a story.  Zara wiggled her cute little bottom into their laps and demanded story after story.  Zara has always had books read to her right from day one.  Zara clearly enjoyed reading, a vital skill for when she starts talking and the rest of her life.  


Danni's Mum had always said 'if you teach your child one thing, let it be how to read.'  How true this is when you look at the research.  Babies develop so quickly, and from the moment they are born they are developing skills they will need to read and write.  It is our responsibility as parents to inspire our children and nurture their love of reading. 

When Danni heard that only 1 in 11 children have books in their home and that the amount of toddlers that are being read to at home had dropped by a fifth over the past five years, it became something Danni was passionate about changing.  ZaZa's StoryBox was subsequently born to bring books into young families homes. 

Danni and her husband love the special time reading gives them with an otherwise busy toddler.  With an ever growing social media landscape, children are missing out on this special bonding time with their parents.  This is echoed by the Institute of Health Visiting, "Books are essential to development and screen time will never be a substitute."  

Make reading fun, bring it into your home and teach your child skills for a lifetime.  


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ZaZa's Storybox Values


Creating a curiosity of books from day one.  Excitement and discovery awaits to inspire a lifetime love of reading.


Making reading a special time together nurturing the natural desire to learn with unconditional love.


Bringing interactive story time to young families homes to stimulate a love of books through play. 


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