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  • What is ZaZa's Storybox?
    ZaZa's Storybox is a monthly book subscription box providing the recipient with age-appropriate books that they will love. We really want to inspire more families to read to their children. The proportion of toddlers being read to everyday has dropped by a fifth over the past five years (Nielson Book Research). We are keen to address this through our boxes to help children develop and have a positive association to books inspiring a lifetime of reading. We firmly believe that reading is fundamental to development and a relationship that families should nurture together. We want to make it convenient for you to be able to inspire your child to love books. There is no hassle of visiting a bookshop with a tiny baby or busy toddler, and we take the stress out of knowing what books are suitable - little ones develop and grow so quickly month to month it can be hard to keep up!
  • How does it work?
    All you need to do is choose your subscription plan and enter your information. We will ask for your little one's date of birth at checkout so we can send them an age appropriate Storybox. Once you have subscribed, you will recieve a Storybox at the beginning of each month from us containing books and a toy specific to your child's age. You get to keep everything in the box so no need to do anything other than enjoy reading the books to your little one to inspire a lifelong love of reading.
  • What is in a Storybox?
    Each Storybox in our baby and toddler book susbcription contains two books, a toy, and tips to help engage your little one. We pride ourselves on including products from reputable brands and none of our books in this subscription are paperback - they are predominantly board books with a couple of cloth books and bath books depending on the Storybox theme. The board book subscription includes two board books, some book inspired stickers and reading tips all beautifully packaged for the recipient. The picture book subscription includes two paperback books, a postcard and reading tips. ​ The titles included are a surprise but we can promise you that you will build the perfect first little library for your little one.
  • When will payment be taken each month?
    When you sign up to a subscription, your first payment will be taken immediately. Subsequent payments will be taken on the the same day each month. For example, if you signed up on the 6th of the month (e.g. 6th March), your first payment would be taken on 6th March. Your subsequent payment would not be taken until the 6th of the following month (e.g 6th April).
  • When will I receive my Storybox?
    We always send out your Storybox to you on the first working day of each month regardless of when your first payment was taken. For example, if you subscribe on 6th March, your first Storybox will be despatched to you on the 1st April. If you have purchased a Storybox from our shop instead of a subscription, you will recieve this within 3-5 working days.
  • What happens when my child reaches 2 years old?
    As a subscriber to our Baby and Toddler Storybox subscription, the final Storybox is despatched to you when your child reaches the age of 24 months and we will end your subscription at this point so you do not continue to get charged. We would love to continue providing a Storybox for your little one past this age which is why we have launched two new subscriptions to choose from - our board book subscription and picture book subscription. Continue to inspire your little one by re-visiting the books you have received and taking them down to your local library.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    We hope that you don't need to cancel your subscription but if you do, we have made it really easy so have complete control and flexibility over your subscription. Simply email telling us that you would like to cancel and will will do the rest. 3, 6 and 12 monthly subscriptions naturally expire once you have recieved your final Storybox and do not auto-renew. You are not able to cancel or amend these subscriptions during the fixed period.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We deliver to all UK mainland homes in England, Wales and Scotland. We don't currently deliver outside these areas.
  • Can I send a Storybox to a different address?
    Yes you can! Just make sure you let us know when you order your Storybox that your delivery address is different to your billing address.
  • Is there a delivery cost?
    Postage is included within the price of all our subscription. Postage is charged at £3 for all shop orders. We use Royal Mail, 2nd class delivery.
  • My Storybox hasn't arrived yet, what should I do?"
    We hope that your Storybox has reached you but if there is no sign of it by the 7th of the month, please drop us an email and we will send another one out to you. Our email address is We do ask that you allow a little extra time for delivery throughout the COVID pandemic, Royal Mail are occasionally experiencing delays of up to 10 working days.
  • Can I give a subscription as a gift?
    Of course you can! What better gift to give to a little one than books to enjoy with friends and family to inspire a love of reading setting the foundations for their development. You can purchase any of our monthly subscription packages, just make sure the delivery address provided is that of the gift recipient.
  • Can I buy multiple gift subscriptions?
    Yes, absolutely! We do not recommend buying a subscription for each sibling as they are likely to get duplicate contents. Although we are constantly reviewing our content, some items will consistently appear in each Storybox.
  • How do I update my address, email or bank details?
    Simply email us your new postal address or email address and we will do the rest. If you need to change your bank details, please email us, and we will give you a call to take your new payment details over the phone or alternatively you can cancel your current subscription and re-susbcribe with your new bank details.
  • How will my Storybox be delivered and are they letterbox friendly?
    We will send your Storybox via Royal Mail, 2nd class. Due to the nature of baby and toddler books being chunkier than most other childrens books, our boxes do not fit through most letterboxes. This is because we include board, cloth and bath books which are not as thin as paperback books.
  • I am a self-publishing author, can I be in ZaZa's Storybox?"
    We are constantly reviewing the content of each Storybox and would love to hear from you if your book is suitable for our subscriptions. Please get in touch with us at and we can look to collaborate on social media with a book review or host a competition.
  • What if the recipient already has the book?
    We pride ourselves on delivering books that we do not think the recipient will already have on the bookshelf but if this does happen we will happily swap the book for a new title. Simply email us at
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