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This Dinosaur Story Sack is the perfect dinosaur gift for the toddler in your life. Let them create their own pre-historic adventures whilst exploring their favourite dinosaur books. These wooden Lanka Kade dinosaurs are chunky in size and perfect for tuff tray play, sorting, stacking, colour recognition, book inpsired play and much more! 



Get a selection of printed Twinkl resources free and download more for free! The resources are fantastic for communication, devleoping vocabulary, fine motor skills and more. 

Dinosaur Story Sack

  • This Dinosaur Story Sack contains one dinosaur board book and a set of Lanka Kade chunky wooden dinosaurs. The perfect dinosaur gift for a toddler to create pre-historic adventures. 


    Lanka Kade Wooden Dinosaurs - A set of 6 colourful wooden dinosaur figures perfect for little hands. Stack, sort and play with these chunky animals then store them in a net bag that is included for safe keeping. Ideal for story-telling and open-ended play these eco friendly toys will be the perfect addition to any toy collection.  It includes a green T-Rex, a turquoise Diplodocus, a blue Stegosaurus, a yellow Saichania, a purple Triceratops and an orange Parasaurolophus.


    Choose from one of the following books:


    My Favourite Dinosaur - In My Favourite Dinosaur, older babies and toddlers can have lots of fun lifting the peekaboo flaps to discover what each dinosaur is doing. There is a rhyme to share, recap questions and a wheel to turn at the end to choose your favourite dinosaur from inside the book. From the stomping spinosaurus to the toothy tyrannosaurus, which dinosaur will your little one pick?


    Where's Mrs T-Rex - In Where’s Mrs T-rex?, you’re on the look out for Mr Stegasaurus, Mrs Diplodocus, Mr Triceratops and Mrs T-rex herself! Lift the final flap and there’s a surprise mirror – always a hit with the little ones. Parents adore these books because they are beautiful but tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of young readers. Children love them because they are just so much fun.


    My First Touch and Find Dinosaurs - Take a trip to meet the Dinosaurs! Lift the giant flaps to reveal the dinosaurs and touch lots of exciting textures. Feel the bumpy head of Triceratops, the smooth skin of Diplodocus and the scratchy plates of Stegosaurus. Bright and friendly illustrations from Tiago Americo bring the prehistoric scenes to life and with something to spot or count on every page too.


    Touch and Feel Tower Dinos - Who’s stomping through the swamp? Who’s flying high in the sky? Follow the dinosaurs on a prehistoric trail in this quirky touch-and-feel book!


    Follow that Dinosaur! - Explore the colorful illustrations as you trace the grooved trails on each page with your fingers and follow the dinosaur through the five different prehistoric scenes. There's lots of other stomping, chomping, and roaring dinosaurs to spot along the way! There are die-cuts to find and feel, plus holes lead you through the pages as you find out where the dinosaur is going! The tactile trails and die-cut holes are perfect for sensory and interactive play. Bright colorful illustrations feature lots of detail to spot and say, aiding development of first words and early reading.


    Printed Twinkl Resources - Enjoy some 'bookish play' with these lovely resources from Twinkl.

    Colouring Sheet - A colouring session is a great way to develop fine motor skills and attention to detail, and of course a wonderful way to relax. One colouring sheet included and chosen at random. 

    Playdough Mat - These mats are a great way to encourage multi-sensory creativity, as well as develop fine motor skills and hand strength. Follow the instructions on the mat, making choices about colour and design, shapes and texture. One A5 playdough mat provided and chosen at random.

    Mark Making Card - These cards can help your little one practise new movements, shapes and patterns. Use a pencil, their finge ror any other tool you can think of! Mark making in the early years is when children intentionally start to draw their own lines, patterns or shapes using their bodies or tools. It is the first step towards writing and drawing. One mark making card included and chosen at random. 


    All the Dinosaur Twinkl resources can be downloaded for free here: 

  • All parcels are posted via Royal Mail, 2nd Class. £3 postage and packaging.

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