Perfect for little ones about to become a big brother or sister for the first time.  

New Sibling Storybox

  • This Storybox contains:

    We're Having a Baby - Nancy is going to be a big sister. Her family help her prepare for the new baby. See Grandma and Grandpa come to look after her when Mummy and Daddy go to hospital, then watch as she welcomes her new brother home in this sweet and very practical novelty book with flaps and mechanisms. Each page has really helpful tips for parents and carers that are endorsed by leading Early Years Consultant, Dr Amanda Gummer. With delightful illustrations from Marion Cocklico, We're Having a Baby is the perfect story book to share and reassure every little person about to have a sibling.


    Babar and the new baby - Join Babar’s family in welcoming Isabelle, their new baby sister! Follow Isabelle as she learns to walk, celebrates her first birthday, explores nature and experiences the joys of a loving family.


    Wilberry Lamb - This cute little lamb is for the new arrival from their big brother or sister.  When meeting their new sibling for the first time it is lovely for them to be able to give them something, it makes them feel involved and teaches them to be kind and share with their new brother or sister.  It is a special moment for all the family.