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Lift, Pull, Slide...

Interactive books are fantastic for keeping little ones engaged.  There are such a variety of books available from being able to touch textures, lift flaps, make sounds and even play peekaboo with a mirror.

We were kindly gifted 'Lift, Pull, Slide, Find ABC' by Scott Barker and we absolutely love all the features!  Each page is unique in its design, beautifully illustrated, and has been well thought out.  You can lift the flaps, pull the tabs, make things slide, and it even has a house that pops up!

It has great longevity because the 'ABC' is something your little one will be learning over the next few years. Learning the ABC begins by listening to stories being read to them. By the age of 2, children who are read to regularly will understand that books have words in them and words are made up of letters.  I remember my little one asking me to read plaques and signs when we were out and about before the age of 2 because she realised that the shapes that formed words on the sign were the same as in her books we read together at home.

It is never too early to start reading books like this one together.  The bright colours are appealing, and there is lots to talk about on each page.  It is definitely a book to be enjoyed together as the moving parts are likely to need supervision for most little ones to keep them intact!  Reading this lovely book together will create an awareness of the ABC, support language development, give you the opportunity to bond over quality time spent together reading and help set the foundations for your little ones development.

We would absolutely recommend this book; as soon as I opened it, it felt like great quality. I couldn't wait to share it with my little ones as I knew ZaZa in particular would love it and she does!


'Lift, Pull, Slide, Find ABC' by Scott Barker is published by 'Make Believe Ideas' and available to buy at Waterstones, WHSmith, and Amazon.  You can follow Scott Barker on Instagram and Facebook.

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