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The little girl and the lion...

I love a book that can help teach children something and this book has a great moral. We were kindly gifted 'The little girl and the lion' by author Matt Bacon and have enjoyed reading it with ZaZa. It is a light-hearted, short rhyming book about a young girl and her clumsy lion friend with an underlying message that you should not take your friends for granted.

The illustrations are sweet, happy and colourful, bringing the book to life. The rhyming makes it an easy read and keeps little ones engaged. The things that the little girl and her lion friend get up to are relatable for little ones such as getting the bus, and going to school.

We asked author Matt Bacon a few questions,

What was your inspiration for the book?

My inspiration was my young daughter Savannah and her love for lions. From a very early age she was obsessed with lions and the lions roar was one of the first sounds she made! We spend lots of time reading with Savannah and I thought you know what I think I could be good at writing a story. The following evening I wrote a little story and the ideas flowed. I wanted to capture an innocence and clumsiness in a very loving lion character.

Are there any other titles in the pipeline?

es I have other ideas for a next book in the pipeline. The cat with all the hats - is an idea where a well-off house cat who gets spoiled comes to share his clothes with an alley cat. Buzz the brave little bee- is a story of a heroic bee who saves other insects all his life, but there is nobody there to help him when he is down.

What are your favourite books for babies and toddlers?

My other favourite books for babies and toddlers are various books written by Julia Donaldson. They are called Superworm and The Snail and the Whale.


You can purchase the book from their website and find them over on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the latest from LMD Publications.

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