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Festive Flamingo

This is a book that really surprised me! I knew it would be good, but it is so much more than I was expecting. Festive Flamingo, by Shaula Maitland, is a magical collection of Christmas meditations for children that is easy to understand, simple to visualise and effective at enabling you to relax and meditate.

Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly busy and with the festive period about to start, it is only going to feel even more intense. Personally, I think that children these days often feel the need to be 'doing something' all the time, and find difficulty in knowing how to relax properly. I think this book is brilliant to allow parents to take some time out with their little one and 'slow down', spending quality time together relaxing.

There are twelve meditations to choose from which you can pick at random encouraging children to focus on the positive elements of life. I instantly felt relaxed just reading this book, and it is as appealing to adults as it is for children in terms of being able to focus your mind.

As I went through the meditations I loved imagining a flamingo making snow angels under glittering snow, imagining the flamingo pretending to be Rudolph, going sledging with this familiar flamingo, and ice-skating together on a crisp winters day with all the magic of Christmas around us. This book could quickly become a Christmas tradition year on year for festive meditations together as a family.


I caught up with author, Shaula Maitland, and asked her a few questions.

What inspired you to write a meditation series for children?

As a Primary Teacher, I try and provide moments of calm in a very busy timetable. I believe that happiness, confidence and self-belief are vital to educational success. Through understanding the importance of a positive mindset and the benefits of meditation, the idea for this series was born!

Can you share with us three benefits of meditation for children?

Meditation is a wonderful tool for supporting mental and emotional wellbeing, but my top three benefits are:

· It provides a space to ‘be’ and enjoy the present moment.

· It allows the imagination to flourish, supporting creativity and ideas.

· It’s lovely to use as part of calming bedtime routine.

When did you start writing?

I started writing Positive Panda in January after the arrival of my first daughter, Nula. In those early all-nighters when the house was completely still, I had endless hours to dream up calming stories. Once published, I couldn’t wait to begin the next book!

Are there any other titles in the pipeline?

Yes, I have a whole series lined up. I’m currently working on a collection of meditations from around the world. There’s lots of amazing sensory imagery to explore. I’m hoping to release the next book in March 2020.


Festive Flamingo is a positive, vibrant, confident and fun character that I would recommend all families to welcome into their home with open arms this festive season for a moment of calm together. This book is a perfect introduction to meditation teaching kindness, self-belief, perseverance, independence and curiosity.


Festive Flamingo is the second book from Shaula Maitland who is an experienced Primary Teacher with a degree in Education and Child Psychology. Her first book, Positive Panda, has been a number one bestseller on Amazon. Shaula is passionate about supporting children's mental health through meditation and mindfulness.

You can purchase the book on Amazon and follow Shaula on Instagram and Facebook.

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