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Fergus the Turtus Book Review

Helping turtles is a cause close to my heart, so when I saw that this book helps towards Turtle Conservation it instantly won some extra brownie points! Our last 'big holiday' before having our little ones was to Borneo and one of the most memorable experiences was to Turtle Island watching turtles nest and lay their eggs in the silence of the night with the waves lapping up behind us. Even more spectacular was watching the hatchlings appear out of the sand and make their frantic dash to the sea!

This picture book starts off with a little hatchling just like the ones we saw in Borneo...although this little hatchling is a little different to all the rest! You follow him on his journey into the sea which allows young children to understand just how many natural predators these special little hatchlings have.

It is also a journey of discovery for little Fergus who is searching for his family, he is determined to find out why he doesn't look like all his brothers and sisters. Little ones grow up in such a variety of family backgrounds, that it is important for children to understand and appreciate that it is ok to all be individual and not look the same as others. It is ok to be unique - something we should teach all our children.

The rhyming in the book is easy to read and will be well received by little bookworms. It is beautifully illustrated and makes a lovely picture book to add to your little ones bookshelf. We have read it many times already, and little Zara loves to count the little hatchlings running towards the water and then help Fergus find his Mummy. We look forward to the return of Fergus the Turtus - perhaps we'll meet his Daddy too?!


This is the first book by Sebastian Morley and is available to purchase here. To keep up to date with Fergus the Turtus and any new titles, you can keep up to date on Instagram and Facebook.

To find out more about Turtle Conservancy, you can visit their website. Turtle Conservancy runs the world's most successful turtle and tortoise captive breeding programme, as well as critical conservation programmes around the world.

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