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Recipe and Rhyme

I'm a big fan of batch cooking nutritious food when it comes to my little ones, I'd say they eat a pretty healthy and a varied diet. I'm proud that they haven't had sweets, chocolate or a Happy Meal yet...there is plenty of time for that and like with most things, good habits start young and I want them both to have a healthy relationship with food. Plus, the right nutrition is fundamental to their development.

Recipe and Rhyme with the Nutrikins

We were kindly gifted a copy of 'Recipe and Rhyme with the Nutrikins' and it is a lovely book teaching little ones all about the value of fruit and vegetables through cute characters. From Barbara the Flamboyant Banana to Andy the Trendy Avocado, they each come with their own rhyme and recipe.

We tested out Alice's Oaty Crumble - it was quick and easy to make with a toddler, much healthier than any apple crumble I've ever made and was a hit with both the kids! Each recipe has a finite number of steps which are easy to digest and quick to complete.

The images are fun to look at, and my daughter loved listening to all the rhymes in the book. Broccoli is officially called Betty in our house now! I would recommend this book to any parent wanting to encourage their little one to eat healthier and understand more about the value of fruit and vegetables. It also makes getting into the kitchen to cook together fun, and often if a child is involved in the cooking, they are much more likely to give it a whirl!

Written by a qualified nutritionist, you can be safe in the knowledge that plenty of thought has gone into each of these recipes making them healthy yet delicious for your little one. We're looking forward to baking Barbara's Oaty Cinnamon Buns next - with only 10 minutes prep time, and ingredients we already have in the house, it's sure to be a winner!

For a chance to win a copy of this book, head on over to our Instagram page.

Leanne Clary, Nutritionist

Recipe and Rhyme with the Nutrikins is written by Leanne Clary and illustrated by Terry Cooper. Leanne is a qualified nutritionist passionate about baby and child nutrition. You can purchase a copy of this book here, and follow Leanne on Instagram for more recipes and inspiration.

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