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Are you a Camper Van Fan?!

We were kindly gifted three books from author Rachel Jane last month, and we have been looking forward to sharing them with you as they are such fun, colourful books!

Each of the books follows a different Camper Van on their travels. Milo goes on an adventure to the seaside with his friend Billy, Lil is off out helping her friend deliver cupcakes and Talullah is on her way to her first music festival - the perfect place for a Camper Van!

The text on each page is easy to read in cute little speech bubbles and has a lovely rhyme. They are cheerful books that bring a smile as you read and you don't mind reading them again and again. I honestly think all children would love these books joining the adventures of these three likeable Camper Vans. My daughter certainly enjoyed them.- her favourite being Tallulah goes to the Festival.

With pretty much all holidays having to be put on hold at the moment, these are lovely books to experience from the comfort of your own home. My daughter has never been in a Camper so it was great to teach her about these popular vehicles that inspire adventure.

I can imagine these books being super popular with little ones who have parents who are doing up their own Camper Van - they would make perfect bedtime reading tucked up inside the cosy van! If you don't have your own Camper Van, these books are based on real Camper Vans which you can hire yourself for your own magical adventure!

If you would like to win all three copies of these books, head over to our Instagram page, and simply enter via the post on our grid which is coming this week.


These are the first three titles by Rachel Jane and more are to follow. Rachel Jane previously worked with children of pre-school age and the books are illustrated by her cousin, Jamie Flack. If you would like to purchase these books they are available on Amazon and her website.


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