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Why the world needs handwritten cards...

During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to keep in touch with loved ones, elderly relatives and older people in the community. This can be a very lonely time for people who live alone, and although companies like Zoom and Houseparty are being used to connect people the world over, there is something really special about receiving a handwritten note.

Seeing a note or envelope on your doormat carries more weight than a notification popping up in your inbox. The thought behind sending a card or letter can speak volumes and show the recipient that you truly do care. Think about the last time you received a hand written letter or postcard. How did it make you feel?

According to one survey I read, half of British children have never sent a handwritten letter. What a perfect time to start. It’s a fun activity for kids, allowing them to express their feelings and words from ink to paper. And if the thought of helping your child write a letter fills you with dread, keep it simple. Start with a postcard and progress to letters at a later date. Postcards are short and sweet and you can get your message across in just a few lines.

A small gesture of posting a note, not expecting anything back, just showing compassion during these tough times, makes us the sender more grateful and loving. It’s such a personal thing to do. Choosing your words or colouring in pencils, sourcing the stamps, getting to the post box all requires more thought than a simple text message. Whilst we are at home we can get creative with our letters and notes. We have just ordered a wax stamp and we like to use washi tape and ribbons. Let your imagination run free! And if you are thinking of honing a new skill whilst at home, why not learn calligraphy? There’s some great You Tube tutorials to learn from. The therapeutics of writing how you’re feeling can help calm the mind and put you in a good mood.

There is something so charming and nostalgic about receiving an envelope in the mail. It makes people feel all fuzzy and warm knowing that you have gone to the effort to show you care. And as postcards and letters are tangible, trust me, they are more likely to keep your note as a keepsake, something we rarely do with emails or texts. I still have letters my cousin used to send me from Chicago and postcards friends sent from their holidays. And every know and then I like to dig them out and transport myself back in time and relive those special memories and relationships.

The age of sending postcards is not dead!

Happy Mail

Head over to to see their Happy Mail colouring in postcards. Life with Petals, created by Sharan Kaur Patel, is an innovative brand committed to helping families and friends make time for things that matter.

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