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The Power of Song

Since I was a child, the importance of music was instilled within me. I can remember being sung to as a baby; even before I could speak. My mother, like I did with my own child Hugo, even sang to me when I was still in her womb. No one can underestimate the power of song.

As a mother, it’s been an essential need of mine, to use music as a tool to help encourage reading & rhythm. As a singer & performer myself, it’s amazing how melodies can literally lift a story off its pages & bring it to life.

By using song, a whole new level of magic can be brought to a child. Music can help a child to engage, to enhance their memory, to learn new words & to bond with others. When Hugo my little boy goes to sleep, we always have 15-20 minutes of song & story time every night whilst sitting on his bed. I’ve noticed a real change in the way he communicates and participates when singing together.

In the Room on the Broom song, by Julia Donaldson, for example, the simple line ‘Yes Yes Yes’ & ‘No No No’ has been purely something Hugo has picked up, just by me singing this repeatedly to him and he’s become so fond of the tale itself. Another example is in The Gruffalo song, again by the fabulous Julia Donaldson. By singing it consistently, Hugo now points to every single body part or feature of the Gruffalo, when it’s sung to him & is starting to mimic and copy the words themselves. He is not only enjoying it but learning along the way. Therefore, the child becomes a participant in the performance - not just an audience member.

Music and song are a vital part in a child’s development. Not just with regards to their memory & learning but also their motor skills, their balance, their self confidence, their strengthening of their lip and mouth muscles & their creativity.

All in all, music and song are part of making ones upbringing magical. The power of storytelling & song is a crucial ingredient to a rich childhood.


Daisy Harris-Reid is 30 years young; mother, wife, drama teacher, actress & now reviewer! Daisy started ‘mum_abouttown’ on Instagram in January, because she wanted to combine her passions for writing, eating out, being the best mummy she can be & the finer things in life! Daisy says she has received a huge amount of support so far & is beyond grateful.

To learn more, you can follow Daisy on Instagram.

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