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Oi Aardvark! Book Review and Blog Tour

Oi Aardvark! Book Review

Welcome to the final stop of the Oi Aardvark! blog tour as we host the letter Z, or as the final letter is better known in this hilarious new book;

"Zebras will now sit on candLEBRAS! A new type of black-and-white stripy candelabra that I've just invented!"

...or is Z for zillyzinkzikkers...which just about sums up how entertaining, crazy and inventive this new book from Kes Gray and Jim Field really is! My daughter thought it was brilliant and as soon as we finished it, she asked me to read it again.

Frog is very excited about his new book - The 'All-New Alphabetty Botty Book' and it is for all the animals that he hasn't told where to sit yet. Despite doubts from Cat and Dog, Frog delivers his A-Z book in his own outstanding style!

Like the other books in the series, it is a joy to read, the rhyming keeps little ones (and parents!) engaged and I can promise you that you won't have seen what the colourful images of the animals in this alphabet book anywhere else! From crocs sitting on clocks, elks sitting on whelks, and nits sitting on banana splits you'll be surprised on every page. The fold out element is fun and we totally recommend this alphabet book, I mean where else will you get orcas sitting on piggy porkers?!

With uppercase and lowercase letters alongside each quirky image, your little one will be sure to be having lots of fun whilst learning. A fresh and engaging way to teach phonics that is without doubt going to bring a smile to the face of everyone who encounters this ready to pay attention when reading, as there are some tongue-twisters to be had!


Thank you to Hodder Children's Book for asking us to be a part of this event and kindly gifting us this laugh-a-minute book from Kes Gray and Jim Field as part of their Oi Aardvark! blog tour. Other books in the Oi Frog and Friends series are Oi Frog!, Oi Duck Billed Platypus!, Oi Dog!, Oi Cat!, and Oi Puppies!

Oi Aardvark Book Review and Blog Tour

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