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Sensory Boxes for Babies

We think that in every good sensory box, there should always be a book to stimulate your baby! Read on to find our more about what to include in a sensory box for your baby, why books are so important and our sensory book recommendations.

Already familiar with sensory boxes - feel free to jump straight over to our ready-made sensory storybox (coming soon) for babies in our shop here.

What is a Sensory Box?

A sensory box, (sometimes referred to as a treasure basket - although this is usually more natural, household items) will stimulate and engage your little one. Essentially it is a box or basket of a variety of items that will spark curiosity and hold the interest of your little one. Treasure baskets are often made up of things from around the home but if you choose to do this, please make sure the sensory items are appropriate for your baby and they explore them under supervision. Alternatively, you can choose from a selection of sensory toys and books that you know are safe for your baby.

We recommend including items that:

- are a variety of shapes and sizes

- can be stacked to support hand eye coordination

- have a variety of textures

- can be linked together in some way

- aid visual development

- are a variety of colours

- make noise

- support an understanding of cause and effect

- encourage fine motor skills such as items that can be stacked or rolled

- ...and a book of course!

Sensory play doesn't need to be Instagram picture perfect. What is important is that your are offering a rich and diverse learning experience that will benefit your babies development, language skills, motor skills, and more!

Why do we think you should you include a book in a sensory box?

Your little one is always learning and they will learn to explore the world around them by looking, listening and touching. Sensory books allow all of these things sparking curiosity, encouraging them to explore new things and helping them fall in love with books.

Your baby will love listening to the familiar rhythm of your voice when you read a book together, reading will expand their vocabulary, introduce the concept of conversation, improve concentration levels, encourage imaginations to develop...we could go on.. Simply put, it is never too early to read to your baby and the benefits of reading in the early years are truly phenomenal! Pair sensory play with a book - the perfect combination. in fact, pair books with all types of play and have them in your play environment and easily accessible.

Sensory Books that we recommend:

The is a wide range of textured sensory books to choose from so you and your little one will never get bored! Utilise your local library and swap books with friends so that you get the opportunity to explore lots of titles.

We love the 'That's Not My' range of sensory baby books which are extremely popular and your sensory box can be themed to sit alongside these books. An award-winning series featuring an ever-increasing range of animals, vehicles, birds and more for little fingers and curious eyes to explore. With a range of sensory textures to touch, bold illustrations, and a mouse to spot on every page, these sensory books have all been designed to develop sensory and language awareness.

We also love See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book by Roger Priddy. This is a brilliant board book, that has been specially designed to stimulate curiosity through sensory play. Bright photographs alongside colourful pictures with activities that invite your baby to touch and explore. There are raised textures to feel, finger trails to follow, and a shiny mirror to look into. Can your little one follow the swirl on the snail's shell. Can they tap the drum? This sensory book has great longevity and you will see your little one engaging with the book in new ways as they grow supporting language development and fine motor skills.

How to use a Sensory Box?

You know your baby best and depending on their personality and mood on any given day, there are a variety of ways in which you can present a sensory box or treasure basket. We recommend offering the sensory box for them to explore in their own time to begin with and once they have begun exploring, watch with interest to see what sparks the most curiosity.

You can also sit with your baby talking through the items, explore them together or let them lead the play. Describe what each of you are doing to support their language development - comment on the colour, the textures, the sounds etc. to expose them to lots of new words.

What next?

Check out our Sensory Storybox (coming soon) that ticks all the boxes for stimulating your babies senses.

Want to introduce your little one to more books and build on their love of books? Check out our baby book subscription which includes two age appropriate books and a toy each month alongside reading tips suited to the age of your little one.

Looking for a gift for a baby bookworm? Our story sacks are just what you are looking for!


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