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Winner in Made for Mums Awards 2021 - Baby Subscription Box

We are ecstatic to share with you that we have won Bronze in the prestigious MadeForMums Awards which showcases the very best baby and toddler products. Tested by real parents alongside a competent judging team helping parents make confident choices for their little ones.

Why did we win a MadeForMums Award for best subscription box?

"You and your baby will be having so much fun reading and playing with the contents of this box, you won’t notice you are developing your child’s language and listening skills and improving their fine motor skills. Squarely aimed at 0 to 2-year-olds, every box includes 2 age-appropriate books – made from board, cloth or plastic for the bath – and a well-made toy relevant to the theme of the books, plus some parent treats"

A few words from the MadeForMums testers. about our baby book subscription box...

Stephanie, mum of 3, found the tips on how to read and engage better with your baby, “very effective.” She loved how she kept her baby “entertained and engaged” with the bath books – “one of them squeaked and the other changed colour, which my baby loved.”

In the words of the tester Kirsty, mum of 1: “It can be difficult to catch my 1-year-old’s attention but he sat down immediately when I opened the cardboard box, then held the toys whilst I read to him and played along. The books and very interactive and I’d completely recommend this subscription.”

Thank you to all our subscribers who have supported us on our journey, we are thrilled that our baby book subscription box has been recognised so that we can reach more families and inspire a love of books right from the start.

Find out more about our baby book subscription here and feel free to contact us on with any questions you have.


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